Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2017
7-8 Dec, 2017

The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

Speaker Feedback


  It was a great day at Bangalore INDIA NANO. I met many colleagues; I met many intelligent and thoughtful people here with great ideas. So it was a very interesting experience.
Nobel Laureate Prof. Sir Andre Geim, FRS Kt

There are many scientific Conferences but Bangalore INDIA NANO Conference is unique in the sense that it combines academic research, the developer and the industry. This is very important because bringing products from the academic research to the industrial world is not a trivial task that’s why it is important for researchers from the academic world and the industry to be present their work in a Conference like Bangalore INDIA NANO and discuss it with the industry and people who can provide the means to go forward.

Prof. Reshef Tenne, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel


I’m very impressed by the interest in nanotechnology in this event and in India. Its already the 6th edition of Bangalore INDIA NANO. I was very impressed to see so many people from such diverse backgrounds. I think Nanotechnology is here to stay although this field is about 15 years old. We have only scratched the surface. The future is ahead of us.
Prof. Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Northwestern University, USA

  I am happy to be a citizen of this state that has started this venture. Earlier known as only Bangalore Nano, the event is now called the Bangalore India Nano. Indeed, Bangalore has given birth to (nanotech) India. Our program is a multi-disciplinary platform. Nanotech has made significant developments in the field of medicine. Right from the treatment and cure of diseases, there have been extraordinary solutions. It is time India produces path breaking results. I urge young India to participate in the Nanotech revolution and bring greater laurels to the country.”
Prof. CNR Rao, FRS National Research Professor; Linus Pauling Research Professor; Honorary President, JNCASR; Chairman, Karnataka’s Vision Group on Nanotechnology and Science & Technology
  On winning the Prof. C.N.R. Rao Bangalore INDIA NANO Science Award 2013:
Its absolutely delightful especially since the award is being selected by professor CNR Rao himself. I am extremely happy to be receiving this award especially from Prof. Rao who is my Guru.
  About Bangalore INDIA NANO Conference:
The impact of this Conference is huge because this is an event which brings together the industry and academia where exchange of ideas happen. Most events are generally academics oriented, but here we get to interact with the industry. So event like this certainly very critical.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Institute Chair Professor & C.V. Seshadri Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  This is the first time I have addressed Conference tutorial and I am extremely supportive of having an event like this because our young people are the scientific future. Its always exciting to talk to students because I am a professor. I also found the students attending here attentive. It was a very interactive session. Sometimes these students come up with ideas which even we haven’t thought of, so it's always a pleasant experience.

Dr. Shantikumar Nair, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  It was personally an interesting experience. The great thing about this Conference is that people get to listen to talks from people like Prof. Tenne and Prof Kanatzidis because they provide important perspectives that need to be brought into the society. Looking at nanoscale phenomenon is important in any research that we are doing today.
Dr. Satyajit Mayor, National Centre for Biosciences (NCBS)
  I would first like to thank the organizers for inviting me at this Conference. It's my first time at Bangalore INDIA NANO and I am really impressed by the scale of the Conference as well as the diversity of the Conference. I think this is a unique Conference that brings together academia, industry and researchers all on the same platform who are working on Nanotechnology. Also the location of the Conference is also what makes it happen as Bangalore is such an exciting place to be in for nanotechnology. I think it's a combination of these factors which make the Conference really unique for people to exchange ideas across various platforms. Also the diversity of the topics that are being covered, ranging from medicines to sensors is excellent.
Prof. Saurabh Lodha, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay
  Bangalore INDIA NANO is one of the most important events in the country now that we look forward to every year. It really represents the nanotechnology community in the country. I think we should continue on this tradition & build further on the quality of this Conference i think in terms of number of people and see that its continuously growing every year.
Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Institute Chair Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai
  I think it's a great Conference. Especially my session on how to convert nanotechnology into business opportunities was a very good idea. This forum has helped few of us in thinking how to do things. The talks were good and the interactions were great. It's a very good initiative.
Dr. K. Muraleedharan, Scientist G & Director, Directorate of Materials, DRDO HQRS
  Interestingly, this is the first Conference I have attended in India although I am an Indian. I thought the Conference was very interesting. It was a mixture of Industry, Students, Professors and defence organizations. Sessions were very nice, they were technical. Bringing a Nobel Laureate was very helpful. Overall I think this Conference has bought societal impact & it certainly was different from the typical technical Conference that we attend.
Dr. Venkat R. Bhethanabotla, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, University of South Florida, USA
  It's been an excellent experience. It brought in people from the research, Industry and most importantly students into one place. It's an excellent platform for sharing knowledge. It focused both on the technology and the science part of it and really gives emphasis on all areas of Nanotechnology.
Dr. G.V. Pavan Kumar, DST Ramanujan Fellow, Dept. of Physics and Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Pune
  This is the second time I'm attending this Conference as a speaker. Last time also I was involved in the pre-Conference tutorial. The response for the tutorial has been very good. There is lot of interest among the participants in knowing more about the kinds of topics that are covered.I would say that a lot of thought has gone behind selecting the right kind of topics where there is lots of interest.This Conference is very helpful for the participants as it gives students a different kind of exposure rather than just technical talks
Prof. N. Ravishankar, Materials Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore
  Bangalore INDIA NANO has become one of the flagship Conference and annual Conference. I have been a part of the Bangalore INDIA NANO even in previous editions of this conference. Such conference brings people together with various diverse thoughts, where we all converge together and discuss our ideas and try to take forward the burning issues in healthcare.
Dr. Swaminathan Sethuraman, Dean, Sponsored Research; Director, Centre for Nanotechnology & Advanced Biomaterials, SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu
  I have been attending the Bangalore INDIA NANO Conference from the beginning and it has really grown in terms of number of people, technical programme, stature & in terms of technical opportunities. Almost everybody related to Nanotechnology looks forward to attend the Conference.This Conference serves the purpose were at one place you can reach out to the entire community. I'm confident that the conference will grow and will become the best in the Asian Region.
Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao , P.K. Kelkar Chair Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai


  My deep gratitude goes to the organizers of the Bangalore INDIA NANO for inviting me to come from Boston. This opportunity to present is wonderful. I really enjoyed the part where small businesses were given an opportunity to present and foster new opportunities. Prof. C.N.R. Rao’s efforts to built Nanotechnology has been showcased here at this Event.
Prof. Mansoor M. Amiji, Distinguished Prof. & Chairman, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
  The quality of the Conference was excellent. We need to include more female Speakers as invited Speakers.
Dr. Ashok Mulchandani , Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering , Chair, Material Science & Engineering Program, W. Ruel Johnson Chair in Environmental, Engineering, University of California, CA

THE VENUE : The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

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