Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2017
7-8 Dec, 2017

The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

image Er. R. B. Karthik Aamanchi
Executive Director
Aarshadhaatu Green Nanotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Er R B Karthik Aamanchi is a post graduate from Aerospace Engineering with specialization in nano composites. He is pivotal in developing the world’s first clean technology process for manufacturing Nano materials in commercial scale along with Dr. Sastry – Director of Srimaharshi Research Institute of Vedic Technology. He Co-Founded Aarshadhaatu Green Nanotechnologies India Private Limited company which manufactures Nano Materials in Energy- Efficient, Eco- Friendly and Economical routes. He is pivotal in bringing out the AntiFouling and Anti-Corrosive coatings for marine vehicles using Nano Copper. He is keenly involved in developing nano applications such as Anti-bacterial fabrics, Nano based water purification systems, Nano gas/chemical sensors etc. He co-founded Greennanotech Inc in USA to cater the needs of United States in nanomaterials.


The company has conceived and developed a green manufacturing process for producing Nano materials in commercial scale. Currently no such process or company exists which can manufacture nano materials in a large scale. The innovation involves zero synthetic chemicals, Zero effluents and minimal power consumption with reaction happening at room temperatures which reduces carbon foot print significantly. The present technique eliminates heavy water consumption, higher temperatures and greatly helps in reducing the capital as well as operating costs. Other advantages are space conservation, social impact and reduction in GHG emissions. If this process is adopted to manufacture nano materials world-wide, there will be substantial reduction in energy/water consumption with significant economic advantage. He was a keynote speaker in Vienna Energy Forum 2017, Global Cleantech Innovation Program - 2016 at San Francisco conducted by United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Global Green Nanotechnology Conclave - 2015 conducted by CII and many others. He also published papers in international journals and has 12 patents to his credit. He is also a member in the group to receive Indian Innovation Initiative Award, bestowed by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. He was the finalist in the Young Technology Review Award conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the year 2014. He was also a Member – Board of Studies for Aeronautical Engineering, GITAM University for the year 2013 and 2014.

THE VENUE : The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

The Lalit Ashok is one of the finest five star hotels amongst all Bangalore luxury hotels, offering an experience of luxury in contemporary and relaxed homely comfort. The hotel is strategically located in the highly secured diplomatic enclave, while sharing its wall with the Chief Minister' s house and offers a lovely view of the sprawling Bangalore Golf Club. The Lalit Ashok Bangalore is the closest 5 star hotel from the airport.



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